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xxxxx There are many chain salons that offer over-hyped services that are not really satisfactory. But at B:blunt, you are sure to feel that you are getting the treatment ‘fit for a celebrity’.

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Delhi plays host to a large number of international events. For such events, many turn to the salon services of Metodo Rossano Ferretti. This salon was established to offer the methods used by Rossano and Lorenza Ferretti. The salon is famed for offering the services of Dimitri Lafiandra, one of the best hair stylists in India.

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Jean Feratti Bulgari

8866554488 Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Are you inspired by international fashion? Then get the international treatment at Jean Claude Biguine. The French stylists of this posh salon can offer you international treatment and styles that few other salons can.

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well-established salon chain is famed all over the country. But for me, the services of the Delhi chains exceed the services offered by other salons in other cities. At the same time, the brand name draws celebrities to all the cities.

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