1. What is Smart Booking?
It is online saloon booking software for clients and professionals as well.

2. How do I book service?
To book your service is easy. Simply choose the salon, select service, date and time, check
availability, and confirm your booking by paying online.

3. How will I know about my appointment confirmation?
Appointment confirmation is an automated process. Your appointment will be auto confirmed.

4 How do I cancel my appointment?
As of now you can delete your appointment immediately. We are working on that feature. It
will be released soon.

5 Do my clients need to create an account?
Yes, your client can create profile in Smart Booking and can keep track of previous appointments

6 Can I accept payment online?
Yes. With the help of payment feature, you can accept payment from clients via PayPal, Stripe
and Razorpay.

7 Can I edit and delete reviews?
Only super admin can edit or delete the reviews.

8 Can I have multiple staffs logged in all at once?
Yes, your all staff members can log in all at once.

9 Is there a limit on the number of services I can have on software?
No, there is no limit for services. You can add on services as much as you can offer.

10 Can I integrate Smart Booking with my website and Facebook?
Yes, we have provided custom settings to link you with your website. Clients can also check out
your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

11 Can I offer group booking?
Yes, you can offer both group services and individual ones with our booking system.

12 Can I create discount coupons?

Yes, we respect your marketing strategy. You can generate discount coupon or promo code in
Smart Booking.

13 How can I renew my subscription?
You can renew your subscription by doing an online payment.

14 Can I change plans?
Yes, we provide various plans. You can switch plans anytime.

15 How do I reset my password?
Request for forget password. You will get a reset password link to your registered mail ID. By
clicking the link you can reset new password for your account.

16 Do I need to be good with IT to use Smart Booking?
We have specifically designed Smart Booking for the people who are not expert in IT. Though
you can contact us anytime if you got any questions or issues while using software.

17 What about system security?
Each salon’s account is a separate entity. It is protected by a security code and passwords. No
other subscriber can access your data.

18 Can I upload existing data?

Yes, you can upload your existing data of employees, products, customers. You can even upload
gallery showcase of your valuable work too.

19 Can I download my data?
Absolutely yes. You have the complete ownership of your data. It is ultimately your data so you
can download it anytime you want to.

20 How can I take backup of my database?
It’s a SAAS with multilevel login so only super admin can take backup of database.

21 How upgrades are handled?
Upgrades are free for our subscribed members. Upgrade access also depends upon the package
you have selected.

22 How do I contact Smart Booking?
You can simply mail us on…………or call us on……………If you are salon owner and you are
interested in partnering with Smart Booking, Please select “Join our network “on the bottom of
the page.

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